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Finding Financial Bliss in Your Relationship

My husband, Mark and I don’t battle over finances. That’s not to say we don’t have our battles, in fact the other day … [Read More...]

Money Saving Tips

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How to Score Ski and Snowboard Gear at a Discount

Though it may seem like the pleasant summer heat will never end, make no mistake: winter is coming. It should come as no … [Read More...]

Money Management

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Investing 101: Mutual Funds vs Exchange Traded Funds

Many investors choose investment funds to sock away their retirement savings. When discussing funds … [Read More...]

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What Happens When the Fed Raises Interest Rates?

There has been endless speculation in the financial press recently over when the new Federal Reserve chairwoman, Janet … [Read More...]

Travel & Leisure

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Celebrate Labor Day Along One of Colorado’s Scenic Byways

Katharine Lee Bates got it right in 1893 with “America the Beautiful.”  And, lucky for us, we get to live in Colorado -- … [Read More...]

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Teacher Appreciation Day: The Teachers Who Have Impacted Me

When tasked with the job of writing about a teacher for Teacher Appreciation Day, I had a hard time making a decision between … [Read More...]