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FREE Online Courses to Increase Your Financial Knowledge

Have you ever wanted to increase your knowledge about investing? Or wondered how you could make a budget that actually works … [Read More...]

Money Management


How Long Will It Take for Your Investments to Double in Value?

Here’s a simple tool to help you appreciate the power of compound interest. Suppose that you have a savings goal and you … [Read More...]

Decisions & Dilemmas

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Student Loans: Tips for Taking Them Out & Paying Them Off

There’s a reason student loan debt, and the concern about people being able to pay that debt off, … [Read More...]

Travel & Leisure

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Fall in Colorado: Pumpkin Patches, Corn Mazes, & Hay Rides

Although it’s bittersweet to send my kids back to school, I know that fall is fast approaching and I couldn’t be happier. … [Read More...]

In the News

interest rates

What Happens When the Fed Raises Interest Rates?

There has been endless speculation in the financial press recently over when the new Federal Reserve chairwoman, Janet … [Read More...]

Public Employee Voices


Teacher Appreciation Day: The Teachers Who Have Impacted Me

When tasked with the job of writing about a teacher for Teacher Appreciation Day, I had a hard time making a decision between … [Read More...]