The Dime Roll

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The Dime Roll: Free Music, Income and Happiness, Student Loans, & More

This week on The Dime Roll we cover everything from free music streaming services to little-known facts about student loans. … [Read More...]

Our Ten Cents

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Behind the Scenes: My Experience on a Home Improvement TV Show

I've always enjoyed watching DIY home improvement shows for all the ideas they offer. Of course, I always thought the chances … [Read More...]

Decisions & Dilemmas

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Renting in Denver: Tips, Tricks, and Things to Avoid

We all know renting in Denver is not for the faint of heart. In fact, a recent Wall Street Journal … [Read More...]

Money Management

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What Star Wars Has Taught Me About Personal Finance

Much of what I have done in life has been influenced by Star Wars.  When I enter a grocery store I am able to open the door … [Read More...]

In the News


Retirement Savings: How Big is the Shortfall?

Is there really a case for saving for retirement and what does saving for retirement mean for any of us? According to 2012 … [Read More...]

Public Employee Voices


Teacher Appreciation Day: The Teachers Who Have Impacted Me

When tasked with the job of writing about a teacher for Teacher Appreciation Day, I had a hard time making a decision between … [Read More...]