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What Happens When the Fed Raises Interest Rates?

There has been endless speculation in the financial press recently over when the new Federal Reserve chairwoman, Janet … [Read More...]

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Celebrate Labor Day Along One of Colorado’s Scenic Byways

Katharine Lee Bates got it right in 1893 with “America the Beautiful.”  And, lucky for us, we … [Read More...]

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How to Talk to Millennials About Money

Make no mistake: money matters are on the minds of the millennial generation—particularly those entering or having recently … [Read More...]

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Cutting Cell Phone Costs: Carriers That Won’t Break the Bank

  When looking for a cell phone plan, we all know about the Big Four, or major carrries: Verizon, Sprint, … [Read More...]

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Teacher Appreciation Day: The Teachers Who Have Impacted Me

When tasked with the job of writing about a teacher for Teacher Appreciation Day, I had a hard time making a decision between … [Read More...]